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--Expert Skin Consultation—

15 mins…$30

Confused About Skin Care, Not Sure Which Products are Right for YOUR Skin? You will Receive Customized Treatment Recommendations for Your Skin as Well as a Personalized At-home Skin Care Regimen. (Consultation Fee May be Used Towards the Purchase of Skin Products)

--The Express Facial—

30 mins…$50

Skin Care on-the-go. Customized Cleanse, Exfoliation, Masque & Hydration. Relax, Recharge, Refresh!

(Suitable for all Skin Types)

--Entourages Signature Facial—

60 mins…$80

A Relaxing Treatment, which Includes a Professional Skin Analysis, Deep Pore Cleansing, Perfectly Selected Exfoliation & Masque Treatments, Pampering Massage & Nourishing Hydration-Leaving you with Gorgeously Glowing Skin.

(Customizable for all Skin Types)




Skin Care

--Mini Micro-- $20

Add a mini microdermabrasion treatment onto facial


--L.E.D Light Therapy-- $20

Add anti-aging or anti-acne LED light therapy onto facial


--High Frequency Treatment-- $10

Add a high frequency treatment onto your facial to help minimize appearance & size of breakouts & blemishes


Vitamin C Glow Peel $15

A gentle resurfacing treatment designed to revitalize, hydrate and soothe even the most sensitive and irritated skin types


Lymphatic Drainage

Add to facial...$20   |   Add to full body massage...$40

Lymphatic massage drains puffy swollen tissue, supports the body's immune system and is the body's natural waste removal or detoxification

Revita Pen Treatment -- Add to facial $50

Enhance your facial results with a noninvasive device that creates microchannels within the skin creating pathways that enhance product absorption for visible and instant results.

--Hand and Arm Massage-- $15

--Foot and Leg Massage-- $15

--Dermaplaning (as add on)-- $20

--Collagen Eye Treatment-- $15

A La Carte

--Osmosis Medi-Facial—

60 mins…$95

This Truly Transforming Skin Treatment Incorporates Pharmaceutical Grade as Well as USDA Organic Ingredients to Promote Repair & Remodeling, Stimulate Collagen & Elastin, as Well as Restore Radiance and Moisture Levels in the Skin. Our Expert Esthetician will Select a Treatment Option Suited to Your Specific Need and Concerns. (Customizable for All Skin Types)


--Acne Facial--

60 mins…$85

A Deep-Pore Cleansing Treatment which Helps Reduce Inflammation, Eliminates Excess Oil and Purifies the Skin. Clinical Strength Products are Often Utilized During Treatment. After a Full Analysis, Our Esthetician will Customize Your Treatment.

--Gentleman's Facial—

60 mins…$80

Refreshing, Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment, Specifically Designed for Men's Skin. Our Esthetician will use Hot Towels to Gently Soften & Steam the Skin, Select an Appropriate Cleanser, Exfoliation & Masque Treatments & Finish with a Soothing Massage and Hydrating Skin Treatment.

--Back Facial—

60 mins…$85

A Deep Cleansing Treatment Designed to Unclog Pores & Smooth Skin. Skin is Thoroughly Cleansed, Exfoliated & a Specialty Treatment Masque will Be Selected. A Hydrating Moisturizer Completes This Revitalizing Treatment.

(Customizable for All Skin Types)

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